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Sanders: ‘Deeply Moved’ by Idealism of Young People

Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared on a recent episode of the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore where the Democratic presidential candidate discussed how he was “deeply moved” by the idealism of young people.

“I’ve been thinking about that Larry,” Sanders replied. “And honestly, I don’t really know.”

“A lot of young people are asking themselves how it happens that in America today with all this new technology and productivity, how does it happen that everything being equal, if we don’t turn it around they’re going to have a lower standing of living than their parents?” Sanders said.

“Second answer is young people by definition are idealistic. They want us to lead the world, they want us to lead the world in combatting climate change. I am really deeply moved by this. They are disgusted by racism and some of the rhetoric in this country.”

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Photo credit: Liberal Values Blog.


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