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WATCH: Enraged Trump Supporters Attack Man for Quietly Sitting with ‘America’s Already Great’ Sign

Donald Trump’s supporters are earning the reputation as a rowdy bunch of trouble makers, especially after they attacked a man for holding an “America’s already great” sign.

According to other sources, a different sign read, “God bless President Obama.”

Trump’s supporters quickly jumped on the man and destroyed his signs.

Raw Story reports:

A man behind them can be seen telling them, “Shut your mouth!”

Another man sitting in front of them turns around and says, “You’re at a Trump rally? Ditch those! Ditch ’em!”

The two men then begin grabbing at the protesters’ signs, snatching them away and tearing them apart, as other audience members began chanting, “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

The protesters are then surrounded by security and escorted out.

Trump rallies have become regular sites for protesters, who are often violently attacked by supporters or security. In November, an African-American protester was knocked down and beaten by Trump supporters. Last month, another black protester was attacked and Trump supporter can be heard saying, “Light that motherf*cker on fire!”

Photo credit: YouTube.

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