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Mayor De Blasio Signs Order to Give Six Weeks of Paid Parental Leave to Non-Union City Employees

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued an order on Thursday that will provide city workers with six weeks of paid paternal leave.

“For a lot of families, any disruption in their income is really painful and causes immense problems,” he said. “Paid parental leave should not be a luxury.”

The policy will apply to non-union workers and city officials are willing to offer it to the greater unionized workforce.

The Daily News reports:

Parents who have or adopt a child, or take one into foster care, will be able to take six weeks off while receiving 100% of their salary. The order takes effect immediately and is retroactive to Dec. 22.

Previously, the city didn’t offer the workers any paid parental leave beyond their regular sick and vacation time. Parents will still be able to take that time in addition to their paid leave if they choose.

The $15 million cost will be paid for by taking away two vacation days from some long-serving employees, who will now max out at 25 days, and scrapping a planned 0.47% raise.

“The thought of having three months with no income was terrifying,” said Sadye Campoamor, the director of community affairs for the Department of Education, who is seven months pregnant. “Between living expenses and student loans, I had no idea how I was going to manage.”

She’ll now be able to keep getting paid while staying home with her baby in a couple months. “When I return to work … I will be that much more focused, less anxious, not depressed, and not broke,” she said.

De Blasio’s City Hall staff, many of whom are covered by the policy, have already proved they’re a “very fertile group,” as Hizzoner called them Thursday. Ten of his top aides welcomed 13 babies in the first 13 months of his administration, including three sets of twins.

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