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Trevor Noah: Ted Cruz’s ‘Birther’ Issue Is Insane — ‘I Didn’t Know This Shit Could Happen to Republicans’

Daily Show host Trevor Noah couldn’t help but discuss the recent Ted Cruz birther phenomena during Thursdays episode of the show.

Noah laughed at the fact that Republicans were stirring up another birther craze against one of their own candidates.

“(He is) the son of an American mother and a foreign father who graduated from Harvard Law School and dreamed of being president, even though — let’s face it, people — he wasn’t born in America,” Noah said. “That’s right, we’re talking about Ted Cruz — the Canadian-born Texas senator.”

Of course, Cruz’s citizenship was never an issue until papa birther himself, Donald Trump, brought it up.

“This is insane,” Noah said. “Because I didn’t know that this shit could happen to Republicans, as well. This is like hearing someone roofied Bill Cosby.”

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Photo credit: Comedy Central.

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