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Teen Chokes up at Town Meeting Asking Bundy to Leave: ‘I Shouldn’t Have to Be Scared in My Own Hometown’

A high school freshman blasted Ammon Bundy and his group of domestic terrorists for creating an aura of fear in her community.

Ashlie Presley, 15, delivered a touching speech, calling on the Oregon militants to leave her state and to go home.

“I am 15 and I’m a freshman in high school,” Presley began, choking up before she could finish her first sentence.

“I should not have to be scared in my own hometown,” Presley said. “I know that all of my friends have been scared and have come to me to know what to do.”

“I shouldn’t have to be scared, and none of us in Harney County should have to be scared in our hometown,” she concluded, wiping tears from her face.

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Photo credit: The Oregonian.

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