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Chelsea Clinton: Sanders Wants to Scrap ObamaCare

Desperate to win over voters, Hillary Clinton has called on her husband Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea Clinton to try and drum up momentum for her campaign.

Following Tuesday’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama, Chelsea attacked Sen. Bernie Sanders, suggesting that he wanted to scrap ObamaCare.

“Sen. Sanders wants to dismantle ObamaCare,” Clinton said Tuesday in New Hampshire, according to NBC News, at her first stop along the campaign trail.

Clinton took it a step further when she said he wanted to also “dismantle Medicare and dismantle private insurance.”

“I worry if we give Republicans Democratic permission to do that, we’ll go back to an era — before we had the Affordable Care Act — that would strip millions and millions and millions of people off their health insurance,” she said.

The Hill reports:

Sanders, who voted for the Affordable Care Act, has previously written off Hillary Clinton’s attacks that he would undo ObamaCare.

“I helped write the Affordable Care Act. So I don’t want somebody suggesting I’m trying to dismantle legislation that I helped write,” Sanders said last November.

The Clinton campaign has been sharpening its attacks on Sanders ahead of Iowa’s Feb. 1 caucuses. Chelsea Clinton will join her parents in the state next week.

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