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Trump Vows Security Will Get Even More ‘Nasty’ as More Rally Attendees Are Manhandled for No Reason

Donald Trump has promised stricter security as the candidate becomes increasingly paranoid of criticism and protesters at his rallies.

During a Tuesday rally in Burlington, Vermont, a group of Trump supporters screamed for the candidate to eject a woman who was sitting and doing nothing. Trump obliged and had her thrown out.

The Young Turk’s Cenk Uygur cautioned Trump and his campaign about the dangers of fostering the “mob mentality.”

“If you think this isn’t dangerous, you’re not paying attention,” Uygur cautions. “This is exactly what has happened in countries in the past… We haven’t even chosen if we’re going to go in this direction yet. But this is how it begins, when you start that mob and you empower that mob… This is exactly how fascism begins.”

Raw Story reports:

In the video shot by the TYT crew, Trump tells his supporters, “We’ll get more and more angry as we go, is that okay?”

He then said his security would be “so tough and so nasty, and when that happens we’re not gonna have any more problems… Pretty soon they’re gonna get so nasty that we’re not gonna have any more protesting, you know that right?”

As one man is thrown out of the rally, Trump directs his security not to give him his coat, and to throw him out in 10-below weather.

“If it’s joking around, I’m no longer amused,” Uygur says. “This is exactly how fascism starts. You start roughing people up, and you get your own supporters to rough them up. You start taking their stuff, you start throwing them out in the cold.”

Chariton then describes how he and the rest of the TYT crew were treated by Trump rally staffers. Producer Eric Byler’s video shows police officers telling them they have to leave, because “they don’t want you here.”

In a previous rally, Trump stole the coats of protesters and had them tossed out in the cold.

Photo credit: YouTube.

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