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Prominent Liberal Magazine Endorses Sanders

Bernie Sanders earned an endorsement from a prominent liberal magazine on Thursday.

The Nation, famous for its weekly progressive periodicals, endorsed Sanders for president in 2016.

“In Bernie Sanders, these movements for greater equality and justice have found an ally and a champion,” the magazine’s editors wrote.

“His campaign’s funding reflects this commitment, spurning the support of corporate super-PACS and relying instead on millions of grassroots donors,” the editors wrote.

“Thanks to his campaign’s integrity, Sanders alone has the potential to unite the movements emerging across the country into one loud, irresistible demand for systemic political change,” they added.

The Hill reports:

The magazine’s editors also praised Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton as “far more preferable” than any of the Republican candidates but said she shares common ground with conservatives on several issues, such as welfare reform and foreign policy.

“Her talk of seeking common ground with Republicans and making deals to ‘get things done’ in Washington will not bring the change that is so desperately needed,” the editors wrote.

The Democratic primary endorsement is just the third in the magazine’s 150-year history. It previously supported Jesse Jackson in his 1988 campaign and then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008.

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