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Sanders Fires Back at Clinton’s ‘Mean-Spirited’ Gun Attack

Bernie Sanders has been forced on the defensive after Hillary Clinton went on the attack, suggesting that Sanders was against gun control.

Sanders called Clinton’s attack “mean-spirited” and pointed to his D- rating from the NRA.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Sanders started during an interview on MSNBC when asked by host Thomas Robert about Clinton’s remarks.

“In 1988, I probably lost a congressional election because I said maybe we should not have assault weapons being sold in America,” Sanders said Wednesday on MSNBC.

“So to say that I’m kind of a supporter of the NRA is really a mean-spirited and unfair and inaccurate statement,” Sanders added.


The Hill reports:

Clinton has seized on the issue of guns as one of few where she has attempted to run to the left of Sanders, and has stressed the issue just three weeks before ballots are cast in Iowa.

“If you’re going around saying that you stand up to special interests, well then stand up to the most powerful special interests. Stand up to that gun lobby,” Clinton told supporters Tuesday.

Clinton ratcheted up her criticism during a round of interviews Wednesday morning, saying on NBC’s “Today” show that “Sen. Sanders has been a pretty reliable vote for the gun lobby.”

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