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Donald Trump May Sue Ted Cruz over Presidential Eligibility: ‘When I File Suits, I File Real Suits’

Donald Trump hinted at a possible lawsuit against Sen. Ted Cruz, promising that it would a legitimate suit because he only files winners.

Trump has been attacking Cruz on his Canadian birth, suggesting that he isn’t a “natural born U.S. citizen.”

“There are many lawyers who say he can’t run for president. And the Democrats are going to bring a lawsuit. I know many Democrats. They’re bringing a lawsuit as soon as — if he got the nomination, they’d bring a lawsuit that he’s not eligible to run.”

Raw Story reports:

After Stephanopolous pointed out that there may be a question of whether the man in Texas who is suing Cruz has standing to press his case, the host suggested to the billionaire businessman that he might be in a position to file his own suit.

“That sounds like a very big case. I’d do the public a big favor,” Trump smirked before stating that he doesn’t think Cruz is “a nice guy.”

“It’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll talk to them about it. I’d like to talk to Ted about it, see how he’d feel about it. Because you know, when I file suits, I file real suits,” he added.

Photo credit: WSJ.

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