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John Kerry: Sailors Footage Made Me ‘Angry’

John Kerry tore into Iran and their decision to release a propaganda video involving the U.S. sailors they recently captured.

He said the footage made him “very, very frustrated.”

“I was very angry. I was very, very frustrated and angry that that was released,” Kerry told John Berman on CNN’s “New Day.” “I raised it immediately with the Iranians. It was not put out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the government directly, it was put out I think by the military over there, the (Revolutionary Guard), who is opposed to what we are doing.”

CNN reports:

Kerry said, though, that because of the negotiations that have been ongoing, he was able to rapidly secure the sailors.

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“The challenge is three or four years ago, we wouldn’t have known who to call … and it could have grown into a major kind of hostage confrontation the way it had previously,” Kerry said. The progress “could not have happened were we not building on this path with respect to the nuclear program,” he added.

He would not divulge what he said to his counterparts about the sailors but stressed that he was firm.

“I’m not going to discuss what I said or didn’t say, but suffice it to say I made it crystal clear how serious this was, it was imperative to get it solved … and within hours we had an agreement,” Kerry said.

Photo credit: Slate.

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