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Sanders Courts Thousands in Alabama on MLK Day

Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered a major speech to a crowd of 7,000 supporters in Alabama on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The massive event had 5,700 supporters watching from the inside, while an additional 1,400 watched from outside, in the freezing cold.

The Hill reports:

The auditorium is typically used as a warming station for the city’s homeless during freezing weather, but was instead used for the Sanders rally Monday, local media noted.

Sanders, who battled rival Hillary Clinton during the fourth Democratic debate Sunday night, is looking to make inroads with minority voters weeks before ballots are cast in early voting states.

The pair made pitches for their electability during dueling rallies Monday night, with Sanders quipping at his rally in Alabama that “that inevitable candidate ain’t so inevitable today.”

Clinton, meanwhile, implored supporters in Toledo, Iowa, to show up at the Feb. 1 caucuses, saying, “There is a complicated job waiting for the next president that we have to make sure we get right.”

Photo credit: KIRO TV.

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