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Seth Meyers Explains Why Young Voters Love Bernie Sanders: He’s Entered ‘the Betty White Zone’

Seth Meyers offered a hilarious explanation as to why young voters love Sen. Bernie Sanders. He suggested that Sanders had entered the “Betty White zone.”

“That’s right, it’s 2008 all over again — a young, handsome, charismatic challenger has entered the race,” Meyers said, flashing a picture of Martin O’Malley, “and he’s losing by 40 points to Waldorf from the Muppets.”

“Was he watching his own movies or was he watching other people’s movies over their shoulder?” Meyers wondered. “Because that sounds like how Bernie would watch movies on the cheap: ‘I don’t pay for movies — I just grab free peeks.’”

“Bernie Sanders is so frugal that, if he’s elected president, he might travel on Bus Force One,” he added.

Raw Story reports:

Sanders enjoys a whopping 68-26 advantage over Clinton among voters younger than 25, and Meyers said the rapper Killer Mike was probably not alone in his explanation for backing the Vermont senator: “(I was) smoking a joint and reading his tweets.”

Young people typically prefer youthful politicians and celebrities — but Meyers suggested that the 74-year-old Sanders had overcome that obstacle and joined some exclusive company.

“Every so often an old person transcends their age and enters what we call ‘the Betty White zone,’” Meyers said. “It’s a place reserved for the elderly who are so cool they make young people believe it will actually be fun to get older.”

“Barack Obama promised hope, but Bernie Sanders promises hope in a different way,” Meyers continued. “Kids watch him and think, ‘Man, I hope I’m that cool when I’m 74 — I’m going to have one suit and yell about everything.’”

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