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Trump Supporter to Admit His ‘N****r Obama’ Poster Is ‘a Little Racist’

Donald Trump supporters are known to be a racist bunch.

A black reporter recently interviewed Steve Bowman, a Trump supporter, who was holding a “n*gger Obama” sign, and got him to admit that his sign a was a “little” bit racist.

“Well I grew up in the 60’s,” Bowman said when asked by Chapman if he thought the Obama sign was too much. “I remember racial riots. I know Martin Luther King. I’m 57 so I grew up in the late 50’s early 60’s and I know what it’s like the water guns the racial riots and Birmingham. You know the south, I know all about it. I have a master’s degree in history.”

He then admitted, “It might be a little racist.”

Raw Story reports:

It so happens that Bowman lives across the street from an African-American family, with two young girls.

“He’s been putting up stuff like that constantly. Constantly putting up stuff like that and I’ll bring it up to him gently, you know, ‘take that down please you know this is not the neighborhood for that’” neighbor Regina Wright told WOWT. “He understands and he will take it down after I mention it to him, but then he’ll put something else up.”

After discussing the matter with Chapman, Bowman decided to take the sign down.

Photo credit: WOWT.

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