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Sanders: Polls Are Showing How Electable I Am

Bernie Sanders is pushing hard into the Iowa caucuses, tirelessly working to convince voters that he is a more electable option than the often disliked Hillary Clinton.

Sanders pointed to a recent set of polls that had him firmly ahead of Clinton in important polls leading up to the Iowa primary.

“All of which reaffirms my love for the smart people in the state of New Hampshire,” he quipped.

“One of the things that my opponent Secretary Clinton is saying is that Bernie is unelectable. He just cannot defeat a Republican candidate in a general election,” he said.

“So it gives me some pleasure to give you some facts that that might just not just be the case.”

The Hill reports:

The Vermont senator also said his chances would be helped if there’s a large voter turnout, saying Republicans fare well when voters are too demoralized to vote.

Sanders said his fundraising success was a point of pride, considering he is not supported by a super-PAC.

“In the last nine months, we have received two and a half million individual contributions,” he said.

“That is more than any candidate in the history of the United States up to this point in a campaign.”

Photo credit: Common Dreams.

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