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Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Phony Bible-Thumping and Weird Endorsement by the Ghost of John Wayne

Donald Trump’s religion game isn’t fooling anyone but the already blind and destitute.

Trump got even more weird this week when he suggested that the ghost of John Wayne was supporting him in his presidential bid.

Stephen Colbert tore into Trump for his strange campaign, fake religiosity, and his disingenuous use of the dead.

“Trump loves the Bible so much he doesn’t even need to read it,” Colbert said.

“Saying ‘Two Corinthians’ is like saying ‘The Book of Job,’” Colbert said, making the aggrieved biblical figure’s name a homonym for the work Trump warns that immigrants will steal from Americans. “The Mexicans are coming here into our country to steal our book of jobs. But ‘the pander express’ did not stop there.”

Raw Story reports:

Trump also gave an interview to the Christian Broadcast Network’s David Brody, who asked the celebrity billionaire if he ever cried. Trump, of course, said he wasn’t “a big crier.”

“Real men don’t cry,” Colbert said. “Donald Trump is a real man. How do we know? Because he just got endorsed by the manliest man who ever manned.”

Trump received an endorsement this week from John Wayne’s daughter, which she announced alongside the candidate and standing before a wax figure of her late movie star father.

“That’s right, with his newfound spirituality, Trump has reached with his golden hand through the veil of death and dragged back the endorsement of John Wayne — the Duke, the toughest man not alive,” Colbert said. “For anyone who doubts this endorsement, consider this: If John Wayne were alive, he would be a 108-year-old white guy — and that sounds like a Trump voter to me.”

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