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Why President Obama Says He Wouldn’t Want to Run for a Third Term

President Barack Obama may not be able to run for a third term, but he made it clear that he wouldn’t want to even if he could.

Speaking to CBS’s Sunday Morning, Obama said that he wouldn’t seek a third term as his wife wouldn’t let him and because he would want a fresh mind in office.

“No. I wouldn’t,” Obama said. “Number one, Michelle wouldn’t let me.”

“This is a process in which the office should be continually renewed by new energy and new ideas and new insights,” Obama said. “And although I think I am as good of a president as I have ever been right now, I also think that there comes a point where you don’t have fresh legs.”

ABC News reports:

Obama also said there “absolutely” are days when he wonders why he ever ran for the presidency, saying there are times when he gets “tired” and “frustrated.”

“And yet, there has not been a day that I have not walked into the Oval Office and understood that at no point in my life will I ever have the chance to do as much good and make as much of a difference in the lives of people as I do right now,” Obama said.

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