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Rand Paul Knocks Trump’s ‘Delusions of Grandeur’

Rand Paul tore into Donald Trump on Monday, criticizing him for his “delusions of grandeur.”

“I think a little humility, a dose of humility, might be good for him,” Paul said during an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello after the host noted that Trump stayed in a Holiday Inn in Iowa over the weekend.

“But I’m actually worried about the opposite,” he continued. “I’m worried that his narcissism exceeds nothing and that his delusions of grandeur have him saying that he can shoot people and people will still vote for him. I hope that’s not true.”

The Hill reports:

Paul, who is hoping to be on the prime-time stage at the GOP’s next debate Thursday night, similarly blasted Trump over the weekend after the real estate mogul bragged during a rally that he could “stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot people” and not lose voters.

The Kentucky senator said Monday he didn’t trust polls about his support for the Iowa caucuses next week. During an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Paul declined to say if he would sit out the debate if he doesn’t make the prime-time cut for a second time after missing a debate earlier this month.

Photo credit: New Republic.

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