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Megyn Kelly on Trump Skipping Debate: ‘I’ll Be There’

As Donald Trump has confirmed that he will skip the final debate, Fox New’s Megyn Kelly has made it clear that she will be there.

“What’s interesting here is Trump is not used to not controlling things,” Kelly said after Trump’s campaign announced he would be boycotting the next GOP debate.

“The truth is, he doesn’t get to control the media, and while he’s made his position clear about me after that first debate, Roger Ailes made his position clear too,” Kelly added.

“I’ll be there.”

The Hill reports:

Trump, who has railed against Kelly since clashing with her in an August presidential debate, on Tuesday escalated his attacks against Kelly when he posted a video on Instagram in which he accused her of being “biased.”

In a Twitter poll, he asked his supporters whether he should even participate in the debate.

Hours later, he announced he would skip the debate because he doesn’t think Kelly could be fair to him.

At a press conference, Trump called Kelly a “lightweight” and said she’s “not a reporter.”

The network has stood behind Kelly as Trump continued his attacks.

Fox said Monday it was “surprised [Trump is] willing to show that much fear about being question by Megyn Kelly.”

Photo credit: NY Daily News.

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