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Obama to Meet with Sanders

President Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders are set to have a private meeting in the Oval Office on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, President Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders will meet informally at the White House,” press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday, according to pool reports.

“The President and Senator Sanders first discussed this meeting last December when Senator Sanders attended the Congressional Holiday Ball. The two will meet privately in the Oval Office and there will be no formal agenda.”

The Hill reports:

The announcement comes a day after Obama heaped praise on Sanders’ rival and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in an interview with Politico.

“Her strengths, which are the fact that she’s extraordinarily experienced — and, you know, wicked smart and knows every policy inside and out — sometimes could make her more cautious and her campaign more prose than poetry, but those are also her strengths,” Obama said.

“It means that she can govern and she can start here, [on] day one, more experienced than any non-vice president has ever been who aspires to this office.”

The president has said that he will not make an endorsement during the primary.

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