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‘Wonder Woman’ on 2016: ‘We Need to Start Bringing People Together’

Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, has called on Americans to put an end to partisan politics. She asked them to support whatever party wins and to push forward with an agenda of unity.

“I think that we, as a nation, need to honor whoever it is that is in the White House, be it Republican or Democrat,” she told ITK. “And that is where I think we have gone wrong as a nation.”

“I have very liberal views, and I have very strong views, but I also appreciate the office of the presidency, and there’s no one in that office that isn’t trying the very best they know how to do the right thing for America,” Carter said.

“We have enough people working against us. I think we need to start bringing people together,” the entertainer added.

The Hill reports:

When asked her thoughts on the field of 2016 White House hopefuls, Carter said that her pick might already have all the support she needs.

“What is interesting to me is that I think the people that are not behind Hillary will never be behind Hillary. And I’m not so worried about that,” she said.

Saying she endorses Clinton “all the way, all the time,” Carter, 64, heaped praise on the former secretary of State: “It is that we really do need a voice that has the kind of experience that she has. We can’t start from zero — I think we need to hit the ground running.”

“It feels so dangerous out there, and I am kind of tired of people promoting all of this divisiveness and fear. I think that’s what kind of led to the Iraq war, was the fear quotient,” Carter, who donned bullet-deflecting bracelets and a golden belt as Wonder Woman, said.

“And I’m kind of done with that.”

Photo credit: EW.com.


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