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Michael Moore to Trump: Attend the Debate, You ‘Wuss’

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore called Donald Trump a “wuss” for skipping Thursday’s GOP debate.

The Hill reports:

Trump announced this week that he’s boycotting the debate in Iowa amid a feud with the network and moderator Megyn Kelly. Trump has repeatedly lashed out at Kelly since the first GOP debate, in August, when the “Kelly File” host pressed him about his derisive language toward women.
Trump’s campaign instead will hold a pro-veterans event Thursday at the same time as Fox News’s prime-time showdown, his campaign has said.

Moore, who won an Academy Award for 2002’s “Bowling for Columbine,” appeared as a guest on “The Kelly File” Tuesday and defended its host. “You’re being attacked,” Moore told Kelly, “I’m here for you.”

“What is he afraid of?” Moore asked of Trump. “I’m sitting here, right? Donald, come sit with me, and I’ll hold your hand. She’s fine.”

Photo credit: Hollow Verse.

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