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Carson Rips Fox Debate Moderators over Speaking Time

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is upset with Thursday night’s GOP debate and how little speaking time he was given.

“You’re not going to go to the person who’s not going to fling mud,” Carson told The Hill in a phone interview late Friday. “This is entertainment. Our country has become sort of more like ancient Rome with the coliseum. Everyone wants to go to the coliseum and they want to see the blood and the gore even though society is deteriorating around them.”

“It would be nice if the moderators tried to be a little more equitable,” Carson said. “I understand they want to stoke controversy and they know that I probably won’t get into a big fight with someone, so they’d rather go some place they can stir up a fight.”

“But at some point maybe it’d be good for them to recognize that the debate is for the purpose of disseminating information to the voters, and really talking about the real issues and finding out from all the candidates what their positions are on certain issues,” he continued. “That would make a lot more sense.”

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Photo credit: Mother Jones.

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