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Cruz: ‘I Don’t Intend to Insult Donald Trump’

On Sunday, Ted Cruz suggested that he never planned to “insult” GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I’m not going to engage in personal attacks,” Cruz said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “No matter what he says, I like Donald.”
“I do think policy differences are fair game,” he added.

The Hill reports:

Cruz said that only a month ago, Trump was “telling everyone how much he liked me.” But now, since Cruz has gained in the polls, he wakes up every morning to a new insult surfacing against him, Cruz added.

“I will give him credit that when he insults someone, its always memorable and colorful,” Cruz said of Trump.

Cruz also said that he and Trump have very different views, but said the voters deserve more than just petty insults.

In the past week, Cruz has shifted his criticism to Marco Rubio. In an ad in Iowa, Cruz called the Florida senator the “Republican Obama.”

In response, Rubio said in an interview Sunday that he opposes “virtually everything Barack Obama stands for.” Rubio called it “strange” that Cruz would target him in the last few days before the Iowa caucuses.

Photo credit: The Blaze.

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