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Sanders Hits Clinton on Eve of Iowa Caucuses

Bernie Sanders went on the attack against Hillary Clinton on Sunday night, in preparation for a close Iowa vote on Monday.

“Yesterday, my opponent announced that she had raised some $45 million for her super-PAC,” Sanders said at a rally in Waterloo, Iowa. “We made the announcement, of course, that we had raised $0 from our super-PAC.”
“And while some candidates boast about how much money they raise at super-PAC events, let me tell you what I am boasting about and what I am very proud of: our average contribution is $27,” he added.

“And I think it is fair to say that any objective assessment of Secretary Clinton’s campaign and my campaign – and she has some really good people, so I’m not knocking them – but I think the excitement and the energy is with our campaign.”

The Hill reports:

Without naming Clinton, Sanders rebuked attacks from her campaign that he wants to dismantle the healthcare system, weaken Planned Parenthood and bolster gun rights.

“Now, there are folks out there during the campaign who say a whole lot of things,” he said. “You know, I’ve seen ads on television that suggest that Bernie Sanders is trying to dismantle healthcare in America.”

“Dismantle healthcare?” he added. “I’ve spent my life fighting for universal healthcare for every man, woman and child.”

“There is an ad out there saying I’m attacking Planned Parenthood. I’ve got a 100 percent lifetime voting record for Planned Parenthood. I want to expand Planned Parenthood funding. We’re not attacking Planned Parenthood – we’re going to make them stronger.”

He also said he is more electable than Clinton, pointing to polls that show him with a larger margin of victory in general election match-ups against Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump.

The self-proclaimed democratic socialist said his campaign is starting to make the “establishment” nervous.

Photo credit: The Blaze.

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