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NY Tabloids Mock Trump over Iowa Loss

Donald Trump often talks about how he is a winner, but he failed to secure a victory in Iowa last night, falling short to Ted Cruz.

New York tabloids quickly lambasted Trump, taking advantage of the opportunity presented.

The Hill reports:

Trump had bashed Cruz for weeks leading up to Monday’s caucuses, going after his Canadian birth and accusing him of being a liar while Cruz for a time in January knocked Trump over his “New York values.”

Cruz took 27.7 percent in Iowa, followed by Trump, at 24.3 percent, and Marco Rubio, at 23.1 percent. Cruz and Rubio outperformed opinion polls, while Trump came in several points below most polls heading into Monday.

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin on Tuesday labeled Trump “just another loser” in The Washington Post, while Chris Cillizza commented that with the loss, “the Trump balloon has sprung a leak.”

Under the headline, “In Iowa, the Emperor has no clothes,” U.S. News & World Report’s Emily Arrowood wrote that “the self-proclaimed consummate winner, is now officially a loser.”

And the conservative National Review, which put out an “Against Trump” issue last month, said in an editorial Tuesday that “having been beaten, Trump no longer looks unbeatable.”

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