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Warren: ‘No Endorsements Now’ in Dem Race

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is standing her ground and has refused to choose sides in the heated Democratic race.

“No endorsements now,” she said before Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses that night, according to MassLive.com.

“We’ll see,” the progressive lawmaker added when asked if she would announce a pick following the contest’s results.

The Hill reports:

Warren also praised the Democratic presidential field for conducting a policy-oriented race in comparison to their GOP counterparts.

“I think that what the Democrats are doing is terrific,” she said. “We’re out talking about the issues. I look at the Republican debates and the difference between what they’re doing and what the Democrats are doing that really shows who’s on whose side.”

Warren then refused comment on whether Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s past ties with Wall Street trouble her.

“[I have] concerns about everybody’s relationships with Wall Street,” she said in Springfield, Mass. “This is a rigged game, and it’s rigged because Wall Street makes sure that in every decision that gets made they’re there. They make sure they’ve got their lobbyists and their lawyers so that everything tilts just a little more in their direction. This is what I’m fighting every day in the United States Senate.”

Warren has notably remained silent on who she supports for her party’s presidential nomination. She has refrained from picking fellow progressive Bernie Sanders but remains the only female senator who has not backed Clinton either.

Clinton and Sanders remain locked in a virtual tie in Iowa early Tuesday. Sanders trails Clinton by less than 1 percent there.

The Democratic presidential field also shrank Monday evening following Martin O’Malley’s exit from the race. The former Maryland governor announced he is suspending his Oval Office bid after a lackluster showing in the Hawkeye State.

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