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Sanders’s NH Lead at 33 Points After Iowa Caucuses

Bernie Sanders is flying high after Iowa. According to the latest New Hampshire poll by UMass Lowell/7 News, Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton by 33 points.

Sanders secured 63 percent of the vote, while Clinton only managed roughly half of that, totaling 30 percent.

The Hill reports:

New Hampshire’s Democratic-leaning voters are also fairly certain about their candidate before next Tuesday’s primary, pollsters found.

About 81 percent would “definitely” vote for Sanders, versus 75 percent who say the same about Clinton.

Just 19 percent “could change their mind” about the Vermont lawmaker, while 25 percent admitted that may rethink the former secretary of State.

UMass-Lowell/7 News conducted its latest survey of 415 Democratic-leaning voters in New Hampshire via cell and landline telephone interviews from Jan. 31-Feb. 2. It has a 5.38 percent margin of error.

Clinton edged out Sanders earlier this week in “a historically close” contest during the Iowa Democratic primary caucuses, 49.4 percent to 49.6 percent.

Sanders remains competitive in New Hampshire, however. The self-described Democratic Socialist leads the field by over 18 points there.

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