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Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders from Goldman Sachs CEO

Sen. Elizabeth Warren came to the defense of Bernie Sanders on Wednesday after Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blanksfein attacked Sanders for his stance on Wall Street.

“He thinks it’s fine to prosecute small business owners, it’s fine to go hard after individuals who have no real resources, but don’t criticize companies like Goldman Sachs and their very, very important CEO — that’s what he’s really saying,” the Massachusetts senator said in an interview with the International Business Times.

“When Blankfein says that criticizing those who break the rules is dangerous to the economy, then he’s just repeating another variation of ‘too big to fail,’ ‘too big to jail,’ ‘too big even to prosecute,’” she said.

POLITICO reports:

In an interview with Bloomberg Politics in January, Sanders slammed Blankfein for continuing to make enormous sums of money “after destroying the economy.” He has repeatedly singled out Goldman Sachs, whose employees have given generously to Clinton over the years, as an example of corporate greed.

Warren has not yet endorsed a Democratic candidate for president.

Photo credit: MSNBC.

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