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Rubio Overtakes Bush in Endorsements

After a successful primary in Iowa, Marco Rubio has officially gained more endorsements than Jeb Bush.

Rubio managed to finish third in Iowa, only a point behind Donald Trump, while Bush was at the bottom of the pit.

The Hill reports:

Rubio now has 32 endorsements to Bush’s 31 — a blow to the former Florida governor and yet another sign that the GOP establishment is consolidating around Rubio before next week’s New Hampshire primary as its best hope to defeat outsiders Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Rubio’s Wednesday endorsement from Pennsylvania Rep. Glenn Thompson tipped the junior senator over Bush, and more endorsements are expected to come tomorrow, including that of Georgia Rep. Lynn Westmoreland.

The swing behind Rubio hurts Bush, who had been selling establishment support as one of his key advantages. Endorsements have historically been a strong predictor of the nominee, and Bush was trying to position himself as the serious – even inevitable – alternative to Trump and Cruz.

In a slide presentation to donors late last year, Bush’s campaign boasted that “Marco hasn’t received a single endorsement from a fellow U.S. Senator.”

Another slide declared, “Jeb Bush has more Congressional public support than any other candidate.”

Asked about Rubio overtaking Bush in congressional endorsements, Bush’s spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said: “Jeb has the largest national organization in the entire Republican field and has earned support from diverse stakeholders, including 12 Medal of Honor award winners, more than 40 flag officers, several former governors and hundreds of leaders in the early states and beyond.

“Jeb is the candidate most prepared and qualified to lead our nation on Day 1.”

Photo credit: CPAC.

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