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Sanders: I Want Trump to Win GOP Nomination

Bernie Sanders wants Donald Trump to win the GOP nomination as he believes he would be able to easily beat him in an election.

“I’m prejudiced,” Sanders told a CNN town hall in Derry, N.H., on Wednesday night. “I want Trump to win the Republican nomination.

“And I would love the opportunity to run against him. I think we would win by a lot.”

Trump struck back, informing Sanders that he would definitely beat him.

The Hill reports:

CNN moderator Anderson Cooper asked Sanders what pitch he would make to an Independent Granite State voter who is choosing between supporting him or Donald Trump. New Hampshire primary voters can vote for either party’s candidate without being registered.

“I would say, examine Trump’s record carefully,” Sanders said, adding that it was not only the billionaire’s “bigoted” remarks against Muslims and immigrants that he finds so offensive.

“If you examine his agenda, it is not an agenda for working Americans.”

Sanders said Trump is wrong to think the minimum wage does not need to be raised, and for supporting tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.

“Trump in a Republican debate said wages are too high in America. Really? Too high in America?” Sanders said.

“And here’s the other one that kind of blows me away. Trump is, as you know, a well-known scientist. Brilliant scientist.”

Sanders was interrupted by the Democrat audience laughing loudly.

“[Trump] has concluded after years of studying the issue that climate change is a hoax, brought to us by the Chinese,” Sanders said.

“Now that shocked me … because I thought that he would’ve thought it was a hoax brought to us by the Mexicans or the Muslims.”

Photo credit: Georgetown.edu.

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