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Sanders Says He’ll Debate Clinton on Thursday

Bernie Sanders has agreed to an extra debate against Hillary Clinton on Thursday.

“The answer is yes,” the Independent Vermont senator said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” when asked if he would participate in the Thursday night debate.

“You know that I have always wanted more debates,” Sanders added.

The Hill reports:

Sanders’s campaign maintained on Tuesday that he wouldn’t participate in the debate Thursday night unless Clinton agreed to conditions for debates in several other states.

“Secretary Clinton in the beginning was not so interested in more debates. Now suddenly they’re very interested in more debates,” Sanders said Wednesday.

“What I wanted to see is on top of New Hampshire three more debates,” Sanders said, mentioning California, Michigan and New York. “For some reason, she’s not interested in debating in New York.”

Clinton on Tuesday, fresh off a slim win in Iowa, urged Sanders to show up to the MSNBC debate in New Hampshire. Sanders holds a big lead in polls in the Granite State ahead of the Feb. 9 primary.

It would represent Sanders’s and Clinton’s first one-on-one debate following Martin O’Malley’s exit from the race Monday night after results from the Iowa caucuses rolled in.

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