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Megyn Kelly to Return as Fox Debate Host Despite Trump Feud

If Donald Trump thought he could get rid of Megyn Kelly by throwing a tantrum, he was wrong.

Kelly will return to the next GOP debate, despite her feud with Trump.

The Hill reports:

The network announced the details for its third presidential debate, on March 3, in Detroit, where anchors Brett Baier and Chris Wallace will also reprise their roles as moderators.

The debate will come after the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, as well as after the March 1 “Super Tuesday” votes also nicknamed the “SEC primary.”

Trump has sparred with Kelly since their first appearance on the debate stage in August, where Kelly asked him pointed questions about past controversial comments about women. The feud continued to simmer for months, boiling over with the billionaire calling for Kelly to be barred from the debate.
When the network issued a harsh response to those calls, Trump walked away and instead hosted a rally benefiting veterans.

While the current GOP field includes nine candidates, it’s likely some will have dropped out at some point during the 15 primary contests before the March debate takes place. The network hasn’t set its criteria yet to determine who would make the cut and is expected to do so closer to the event.

Fox’s August debate, the first of the cycle, set a record for the highest-rated non-sports cable broadcast of all time, with 24 million viewers, according to the network.

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