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Trump: ‘Nobody Has More Respect for Women than I Do’

Donald Trump announced on Thursday night that nobody has as much respect for women as he does.

“Nobody has more respect for women than I do,” he said during a CNN town hall in New Hampshire on Thursday evening moderated by Anderson Cooper.

“Thirty years ago, I had a woman building a major construction project in New York City,” Trump added. “That never happens. I’ve been great to women and they’ve been great to me. I’ve had so many women executives [and] they’ve done a great job.”

The Hill reports:

Trump was responding to a question from a man CNN identified as Joseph Manzoli, the chief operating officer of YMCA Greater Nashua, N.H.

“I have three wonderful daughters at home and I want nothing more for them to look at their president as a role model,” Manzoli said.

“Throughout the course of this campaign, you’ve said some disparaging comments about women, about people from other countries, other religions [and] everyone who’s disagree with you. Explain to me how I can look at my daughters and have them look up to a President Trump as role model?”

Trump initially responded by asking how Manzoli’s question made it into CNN’s forum.

“Well, first of all, who asked you to give this question?” he retorted. “Did Anderson? This is a CNN setup — that’s OK.”

Trump has repeatedly weathered accusations of misogyny after feuding with female public figures during his Oval Office bid. He has verbally sparred with Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and GOP presidential rival Carly Fiorina, among others.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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