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Clinton Hangs on in Revised Iowa Caucus Results

As if the Iowa caucuses aren’t a zoo to begin with, an official recount as been conducted and Hillary Clinton managed to secure a win by the slimmest margins possible.

Clinton took home 49.84 percent of the vote to Bernie Sanders 49.59 percent.

“I am extremely proud of the collaborative relationship we have with all parties involved, and together we have made updates at five precincts, affecting only five county convention delegates out of more than 11,000 elected on Caucus night,” party Chairman Andy McGuire said in the statement.

The Hill reports:

After reports of disarray and disorder in some precincts, McGuire said the party will review the caucus procedures and try to improve upon the system in future elections.

“After every caucus, the party goes through a self-examination process to discuss what went right, and what can be improved upon,” she said in the statement.

“This process will continue this year, and in conjunction with our State Central Committee, our partners and our allies, I will convene a committee to ensure we can improve upon our caucus process while preserving what makes it special,” she added.

Photo credit: People.

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