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Rubio Rips Media After Debate Criticism

Marco Rubio attacked the media in a recent fundraising email and defended his constant attacks against President Barack Obama during Saturday’s GOP debate.

“I don’t care how much it outrages the media, I’m going to keep saying it,” the fundraising email states.

“I went into Saturday night’s debate — like I’ve approached this whole election — with one clear goal: Make it about my vision for America, and the importance of undoing the damage President Obama has done to our country,” the email said.

“So I pointed out a few times that President Obama has been very deliberate about achieving his bad policies — they’re no accident; he’s really trying to change this country for the worse.”

The Hill reports:

The email called out the media for “pouncing,” because they know his campaign is growing and are “desperate to defend Obama’s legacy.”

He also criticized the media for trying to distract people from “the real stakes of this election.”

He said Americans want something different and said he plans to make the election about the real issues.

“This election needs to be about who will be able to take back the White House for conservatives, and who has the ideas and the vision to build a New American Century. I know I’m that candidate,” he said.

“And you know what? The media knows it too — that’s why they’re trying to make this election about something else, because they know I’ll be able to beat their candidate: Hillary Clinton.”

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