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Bill Maher Praises Sanders, Slams Trump and Cruz

Bill Maher praised Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, calling him “something new and exciting,” while also tearing into Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

“We haven’t seen a true leftist since FDR, so many millions are coming out of the woodwork to vote for Bernie Sanders,” Maher wrote in an essay for The Hollywood Reporter published online Wednesday.

“There’s been enough ‘no one thought it could ever happen’ stuff this year — Trump! — that until anyone proves otherwise, Bernie has earned the right to be considered absolutely viable,” Maher wrote.
The Hill reports:
The liberal television host, who notes his HBO audience is “overwhelmingly for Bernie,” also goes after Hillary Clinton, whom Sanders defeated soundly in New Hampshire, calling her “such a Charlie Brown figure.”

“I actually like Hillary. I think she is unfairly demonized and has been for her entire career,” Maher wrote, adding, “Hillary Clinton is a terrible campaigner who is living in a different era.”

While describing Cruz as “the worst,” Maher acknowledges an appetite for Trump, writing, “Americans have been choking on political correctness and overly careful politicians for the last generation or two and are sick of it.”

He goes on to slam the outspoken businessman, however, adding, “I think he tweets at night instead of reading. Everybody gets it at 3 a.m. from this guy. When does he sleep?”

“Remember Hillary had that ad in ’08: ‘Who do you want answering the phone at 3 a.m.?’ Well, it won’t be Donald Trump — he’s busy in a Twitter war with Demi Lovato,” Maher continued in his essay.

Maher, who made a $1 million donation for President Obama’s reelection in 2012, has previously said he’d consider backing a Republican in 2016, calling Rand Paul “an interesting candidate” before the Kentucky senator dropped out of the race this month.

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