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Sanders Campaign Raised $6.4 Million After New Hampshire Polls Closed

Bernie Sander’s campaign is gaining a lot of momentum after a huge win in New Hampshire. By the next day, Sanders had raised $6.4 million.

In comparison, Sanders raised only $3 million after his 0.5 percent loss to Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

On Wednesday, Sander’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver praised supporters for their donations and commitment to the campaign.

“Well, you already crushed that goal in just a couple hours,” Weaver wrote. “So, in the spirit of this campaign, we’re going to reach for a bigger but difficult goal — raising $7 million by the end of the day today.”

CNN reports:

In the midst of his campaign speech Tuesday night, Sanders held an instant fundraiser, asking supporters while his speech was being carried live on-air to donate at his website. The burst of donations that followed spurred complaints that ActBlue, which processes Sanders donations, was crashing.

ActBlue executive director Erin Hill wrote in a blog post Wednesday afternoon that the site saw a peak of 26,000 contributions in 15 minutes Tuesday night and the spike contributed to a problem for some donors.

“We did hit one bump late yesterday though,” Hill wrote. “Last night’s spontaneous fundraiser (the one that raised $5.2 million in less than a day) broke our external processor’s response systems.”

But the Sanders campaign and ActBlue both said the service never went down.

The Sanders campaign said the average donation made after his New Hampshire win was $34, just a bit more than the average donation of $27 he has been touting for weeks.

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