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Sanders Beats Clinton in Facebook Likes by 3-1 Margin

We live in the social media age and this is something that Bernie Sanders has worked hard to dominate in.

Currently, Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton in likes by a 3 to 1 ratio.

When combining all political candidates together, Sanders takes home 23 percent of all Facebook likes, while Clinton only has 8 percent.

The Hill reports:

Donald Trump tops likes for Republicans, and gets 23 percent of all likes in the country.

That’s well ahead of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who comes in with 8 percent.

The data isn’t necessarily indicative of who the most popular candidates are in the country.

Facebook users are disproportionally younger than the overall population, and tend to be low-income and female.

But the data does give a glimpse into the massive support of young voters both Sanders and Trump have been garnering.

“The data isn’t predictive of the election, but it is a revealing look at the preferences of many people who use Facebook and like the candidates’ pages,” said managing editor David Firestone.

Photo credit: Twitter.


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