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Sanders Challenges Clinton on Deportation Raids

Bernie Sanders called out Hillary Clinton on deportation raids during Thursday night’s Democratic debate.

“If my memory is correct, when we saw children coming from these horrendous areas of Honduras and neighboring countries, people who are fleeing drug violence and cartel violence. … I thought it was a good idea to allow these children to stay in this country. That was not as I understand, the Secretary’s position,” Sanders said at the Democratic presidential debate in Wisconsin.

The Hill reports:

Clinton, a former secretary of State, fired back that America needed to “send a message” to Central American families to discourage them from sending their children on the “dangerous journey” to the United States.

“The fact is there was a great effort made by the Obama administration and others to really send a clear message because we knew that so many of these children were being abused, being treated terribly while they tried to get to our border,” she continued.

But the Vermont senator continued to press her, “I don’t know to whom you are sending a message to. These are children who are leaving countries and neighborhoods where their lives are at stake,” Sanders said.

“I don’t think we use them to send a message. I think we welcome them into this country and do the best we can to help them get their lives together,” he continued.

Photo credit: CBS.

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