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New Trump Ad Highlighting Illegal Immigration Set to Air in S.C.

Donald Trump’s latest political ad takes on illegal immigration and makes the bold claim that African-Americans should support him because he will put an end to it.

The ad features the father of Jamiel Shaw, who was murdered in 2008 by an illegal immigrant.

“Trump is the only one saying, you’re going to dealt with, we’re going to enforce that. We’re going to enforce that,” Shaw says in the ad. “That’s a beautiful thing.”

“I believe Donald Trump want to make us great again, and he loves America,” he adds.

The Hill reports:

Trump said his relationship with Shaw has given him motivation to end illegal immigration.

“A wonderful young man, Jamiel Shaw Jr., whose father has become a friend of mine, was shot in the face for no reason by an illegal immigrant,” Trump said in a statement accompanying the ad.

“He was getting ready to go to college on a football scholarship and his sole fault was walking home to see his father,” he added.

“Because of the relationship I have established with his father, Jamiel’s death is very personal to me. We must stop illegal immigration.”

The ad comes in advance of the Feb. 20 South Carolina primary.

Photo credit: Breitbart.

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