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Sanders Touts Agenda to Attract Black Voters

Bernie Sanders is working hard to court the black vote and on Sunday he laid out a plan that “works for all Americans.”

“But especially for those who were hardest hurt, hardest hit economically,” he said on Fox News Sunday.

“We are talking about focusing on the outrageously high rate of youth unemployment in the African American community. We are talking about having the United States join the rest of the industrialized world guaranteeing healthcare for all, making tuition at public colleges and universities free so all of our kids regardless of income can get the higher education,” he said.

The Hill reports:

He added he is “tackling in a very aggressive way” the country’s criminal justice system, which has a disproportionate amount of African American and Latino people in jail

“We need a whole lot of work to make sure that we are providing education, jobs for our kids, rather than jails and incarceration,” he said.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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