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Cruz: Trump, Rubio Yell ‘Liar’ When Anyone Points to Their Records

Ted Cruz whined about Donald Trump and Marco Rubio on Monday, criticizing them for calling critics liars when they challenge their records.

The Hill reports:

Trump on Monday threatened Cruz with legal action if the Texas senator didn’t “take down his false ads and retract his lies.” The billionaire called Cruz an “unstable individual,” and said he is the biggest liar he’s come across in politics.

But Cruz stuck by his statements. He said he won’t engage in personal attacks, but will continue to focus on his competitor’s records, policies and vision.

He specifically mentioned his accusation that Trump supports tax-payer funding for Planned Parenthood. At the debate Saturday night, Trump said that Planned Parenthood does “wonderful” things — though he added not as it relates to abortion.

“He’s entitled to have that opinion. A lot of liberal Democrats have that opinion,” Cruz said.
“But truth matters.”

Cruz came out with an ad over the weekend that attacked Trump for his positions on Planned Parenthood and showed clips of him defending the organization and saying it serves a “good function.”

Cruz said in a clip Monday that Rubio has done much of the same thing to Trump. He said the Florida senator went on Univision and promised in Spanish “not to rescind President Obama’s illegal executive action” and has supported in-state tuition for “illegal aliens” in Florida.

“That’s a fact,” Cruz said.

“There are others who have had that view. A great many liberal Democrats agree with Marco Rubio that we should grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens.”

Rubio has also said the 12 million people in this country illegally should be given a path to citizenship, Cruz said.

“Now his response to three factual statements about his record was simply to yell ‘liar,’ ” Cruz said.

“Senator Cruz will say or do anything to win an election including employing underhanded tactics and making charges against all his opponents that he knows are outright lies. America can’t afford more politicians like Ted Cruz who will easily sacrifice principle for political gain,” Rubio spokesman Joe Pounder said in a statement late Monday.

Cruz said he understands politicians who want to run away from their record, but an election is about vetting the candidates.

“It is not being honest or candid for either Marco Rubio or Donald Trump to pretend that their records are different than what they are and simply to yell and scream at anyone who points to the words that have come out of their own mouths,” he said.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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