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Online Poll: Trump Leads GOP Field by 20 Points Nationally

Donald Trump’s lead in the polls is “Yuggge.”

According to the latest national poll by NBC News/Survey Monkey, Trump is leading by 20 points.

Trump took home 38 percent of the vote, while Ted Cruz got 18 percent and Marco Rubio took home only 14 percent.

The Hill reports:

No other GOP candidate attracted double-digit support.

Following the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, more Republican voters now believe Trump will be the eventual nominee. Fifty eight percent believe he will win the nomination, up 14 percent in a week.

The Republican field, however, faces a more conservative and evangelical electorate in South Carolina this weekend. Pollsters found that Trump’s lead over Cruz among white evangelicals has shrunk 11 points, standing now at just 9 points.

The weekly tracking poll of 13,129 adults, conducted from Feb. 8 through Feb. 14, has an error estimate of 1.1 percentage points.

Photo credit: US News.

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