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SC Exit Poll: 75 Percent Agree with Trump’s Muslim Ban

As voters turned out to pick their candidate, a South Carolina exit poll revealed that the majority of voters believe in Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.

The poll, which was conducted by CBS News, found that 75 percent of voters support his ban, while only 23 percent oppose it.

The Hill reports:

Just days after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif. – the worst on U.S. soil since 9/11 – Trump sparked a media backlash for saying that all Muslims should be temporarily banned from entering the country.

The proposal has been ridiculed as impossible to implement and called racist by some, but it has resonated with many people concerned about the potential for terrorists to infiltrate the U.S.

Terrorism was the top concern of GOP voters polled in the CBS survey, followed closely by jobs and the economy and government spending.

The real estate tycoon is the favorite to win the South Carolina primary on Saturday, although Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both appear to have made late gains.

The CBS exit poll also found that voters were split on supporting an outsider versus an establishment candidate, with 48 percent saying they want someone with no political experience against 46 percent who say they prefer an insider.

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