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Poll Shows Slim Lead for Clinton Among Hispanics

A poll conducted by NBC News/Survey Monkey has revealed that Hillary Clinton holds a slim lead over Bernie Sanders among Hispanic voters.

Clinton secured 46 percent of the Hispanic vote to Sander’s 43 percent.

The Hill reports:

Sanders leads Clinton among younger Hispanic voters, however. The Vermont senator holds a 26-point lead, 60 to 34 percent, among those under the age of 35. Older Hispanic voters support Clinton by 30 points.

The pair’s battle for the Hispanic vote has intensified following Clinton’s win in the Nevada caucuses over the weekend, where Hispanics represent a larger share of the electorate than in either Iowa or New Hampshire.

Clinton and Sanders are next jockeying for support in South Carolina, which holds voting on Saturday and where African-Americans are a significant portion of all voters.

Clinton has a double-digit lead among black voters nationally in the NBC tracking survey, trouncing Sanders by 43 points, 65 to 22 percent. By comparison, her lead overall nationally is 11 points.

The tracking survey was conducted Feb. 15–21 among a national sample of 11,662 adults, including 10,386 who said they were registered to vote.

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