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Political Prediction Market: Donald Trump’s Odds at Capturing GOP Nomination at 71%

According to data collected by CNN, Donald Trump now has a 71 percent chance of becoming the GOP nominee.

With Super Tuesday only one week away, Trump is riding high after scoring major victories in Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, and he looks poised to clobber Cruz in other upcoming primary states.

CNN reports:

The Political Prediction Market is a game administered by the company Pivit that takes polls, user input and other elements to predict where the election will go.

Trump won the Nevada caucuses by double digits, which created a tight race for second place between Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

However, despite the neck-and-neck race for runner-up in the Nevada caucuses, Cruz’s odds of winning the Republican nomination in the Political Prediction Market are significantly lower than GOP rival Rubio at 2%.

Following Cruz is Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose odds at the nomination are at 1%, and Ben Carson, who is at 0%.

Photo credit: Mashable.

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