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Sanders: Obama Faces Unprecedented Level of Obstructionism

Bernie Sanders criticized Republicans and the current political climate in the United States for obstructing President Barack Obama more than any other president.

“Literally, on the day that Obama was inaugurated, Republicans came together and said, ‘What are we going to do?’ And what they concluded is, ‘We’re going to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, make it as difficult as he could to do anything,’ ” Sanders said during a CNN town hall Tuesday night.

“Now we have had to fight through that, and I’ve been at the president’s side time and time again,” he said.

The Hill reports:

He called the issues Obama is facing in appointing a new Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia “nothing more than the continuous and unprecedented obstructionism that President Obama has gone through.”

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to not have hearings or a vote on a Supreme Court nominee in 2016.

“We believe the American people need to decide who is going to make this appointment rather than a lame-duck president,” Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn of Texas told reporters Tuesday after a special meeting of the committee.

Obama has said he plans to announce a nominee in a few weeks.

Sanders added during Tuesday’s town hall that if he had to choose a past Supreme Court justice he admired, it would be Thurgood Marshall.

“Thurgood Marshall was a damn good Supreme Court justice,” he said.

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