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Al Sharpton: Trump Would Probably Deport Me

Al Sharpton talked Donald Trump on Thursday, suggesting that the outspoken billionaire would probably try to deport him if he gets elected.

“If Donald Trump is the nominee, I’m open to support anyone [else], while I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins, only because he’d probably have me deported anyway,” Sharpton said.

The Hill reports:

His remark was met with laughter at a Center for American Progress Action Fund event focused on issues during the presidential race. It was first highlighted by The Huffington Post.

Sharpton also suggested that Trump was the most surprised of anyone by his own political success, but cautioned the real estate tycoon could become a “prisoner of this wave that could go all the way if there is not a counter-wave.”

The activist and liberal commentator pushed back on the “worship of personality” in the presidential election, including on the Democratic side between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, with whom he has sat down.

Sharpton has yet to endorse in the presidential race, though he recently said he had pressed Sanders on the topic of racism when discussing income inequality when the two met earlier this month.

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