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Poll: 8 in 10 Hispanics Don’t Like Trump

Donald Trump often claims that Hispanics love him, but a new poll found that 8 in 10 do not.

The poll was conducted by the Washing Post-Univision News.

The results found that 8 out of 10 Hispanics view Trump unfavorably, while seven of those 10 had a “very unfavorable” view of the Republican presidential candidate.

The Hill reports:

Although Trump has dominated the Republican primary race to this point, racking up 81 delegates to his nearest competitor’s 17, his lack of broad-based support could hinder his chances in a general election.

The poll finds that Trump fares worse than any of his GOP rivals among Hispanics in hypothetical general election match-ups against Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Clinton bests Trump among Hispanics by a 57-point margin, while she only leads John Kasich by 43 points, Ted Cruz by 38 points and Marco Rubio by 30 points with the traditionally Democratic demographic.

Rubio and Cruz, who are both of Cuban descent, are viewed relatively positively by Hispanics.

Rubio is seen favorably among the group by a 45 to 37 percent margin, while Cruz is narrowly viewed negatively by a 44 to 39 percent margin.

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